Shop Stewards

City Departments:

911 Communications Vacant
Aquatics Danielle Ellerman 403-957-1312
Arenas Vacant
CAM Rob Garrecht 403-529-7708
City Hall Vacant
Crestwood Pool Vacant
Esplanade Tim McShane 403-502-8587
Fleet Services Craig Mcllravey 403-928-7416
Gas Distribution Tom Sandau (Brooks) 403-527-7717
Don Bodnarchuk (Sask) 306-679-7792
Municipal Works Vacant
Parks and Outdoor Recreation  Steven Owens (W) 403-504-6447 (C) 403-878-5803
Police Admin Support Bari-Ann Hayward
Solid Waste Vacant
Special Constables Bari-Ann Hayward 403-581-0827
Strathcona Centre Vacant
Transit Scott James 403-958-4180
Wastewater Vacant
Environmental Utilities Lee Greenwood 403-952-5418


Medicine Hat Public Library Andrew Plait 403-502-8538
Cypress View Foundation Cora-Lee Gray (CSS) 403-952-6998 email
Chelsy McArady 403-866-8134
Town of Redcliff Barry Williams (CSS) 403-877-4211
Troy Sandau 403-977-2711
Medicine Hat Community Housing Society Roxanne Criembardis (CSS) (W) 403-528-5182 (C) 403-520-6412
 Jordan Rattai