Changes to Good of the Union

Dear CUPE Local 46 Members:

Proposed amendments to Local 46’s Constitution & By-Laws were presented, discussed and voted on at the June 8, 2021 General Membership Meeting by members in attendance. The changes were then sent to CUPE National for approval.

In mid-October 2021, CUPE National replied to inform CUPE Local 46 that the changes had been approved. As such, the updated Constitution and By-Laws were in effect as of mid-October 2021. This information was relayed to the CUPE Local 46 Executive and to registered attendees of the November 9, 2021 General Membership Meeting.

Approved changes included the removal of the sections pertaining to CUPE Local 46 accepting applications from members for Get Well Gift Certificates and Bereavement Donations due to tax-related issues that had been brought to the attention of the CUPE Local 46 Executive. As such, CUPE Local 46 no longer accepts applications for or processes Get Well Gift Certificates or Bereavement Donation requests.

For more information, please contact the CUPE Local 46 President using the information provided on the Contact Us page.