CUPE Local 46 Election Results from April 13, 2021, General Membership Meeting (held virtually via Zoom)

Greetings, everyone. Please find the results of last night’s elections and by-elections below for your convenience:


Individuals nominated for Executive positions in January 2021:

Vice President (2-year term): Jason Fenske (acclaimed)

Secretary-Treasurer (2-year term): Deb Isnor (acclaimed)

Executive Members (2-year term): Danielle Ellerman, Randy Anhelher and Mike Bischke (acclaimed)
Trustee (3-year term): Stella Lukinski


Individuals nominated to Standing Committees, Special Committees and as Delegates to Outside Committees:

Social Committee (3-year term): Andrew Plait and Jack Nemo (acclaimed)

Communications Committee (1-year term): Andrew Plait

City of Medicine Hat Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) – (3-year term): Election held – Michelle Friedrick was the winner

Southern Alberta District Council (SADC; 2-year term): Debbie Isnor and Danielle Ellerman (acclaimed)

Alberta Municipal Employees Committee (AMEC; 2-year term): Jason Fenske and Steven Owens (acclaimed)

Medicine Hat & District Labour Council (MH&DLC; 2-year term): Debbie Isnor and Danielle Ellerman (acclaimed)

Trades & Labour Society (a.k.a. T&LS / Labour Society; 2-year term): Debbie Isnor and Rob Garrecht (acclaimed)

Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL; 2-year term): Debbie Isnor and Mike Bischke (acclaimed)

Alberta Health Employees Committee (AHEC; 2-year term): Monica Meilicke (acclaimed), one vacancy

Alberta Library Employees Committee (ALEC; 2-year term): Marlene Balser and Andrew Plait (acclaimed)


By-elections held:

Warden (1-year by-election): No nominees; remains vacant

Social Committee (2-year and 1-year by-elections): No nominees; positions remain vacant

Executive Member (1-year by-election): Steve Perrior